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RZC3015 High Precision Fin Press Line 150KN width 300

RZC3015 High Precision Fin Press Line 150KN width 300

RZC Series Fin Production Line can be used for fin manufacturing for radiators in industries including petrochemical industry, Aerospace industry, Power Electronic industry, cloud server industry, construction machinery industry etc.

The production line has advantages that it is highly automated and efficient in fin production. It is one of the best choices in high precision fin production.

Major Equipment of the production line includes:

  • Automated cutting/emptying/oiling Machine
  • Automated Fin Machine
  • Automated Cutting Machine
  • The entire production line is equipped with PLC control and user friendly control panel.


Major parameters of the production line:

Automated Fin Machine:

Punching Frequency 10140 per minute
Material Width 300 mm
Material Thickness 0.15 – 0.4 mm
Prssure 150KN
Pitch(up to customization) 1 – 10mm
Punching Stroke(up to customization) 13mm
Fin Height(up to customization) 3 – 12mm
Shut height 155 – 170mm
Capacity 11KW
Length 1400mm
Width 700mm
Height 2100mm


Overall dimension of the production line

Length 6m
Width 1.4m
Height 1.7m
Capacity 13kw
Weight 3500kg
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