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Serrated Fin

Serrated Fin

Come To the Leading Serrated Fin Manufacturer

The serrated fins are widely used in heat recovery applications and known for having a higher heat transfer coefficient than plain fins. The fins are credited inducing a higher pressure drop across a tube bundle.
Rongzhiautotech is the leading serrated fin manufacturers that provide wholesale products in China. We warmly welcome you to a company where you discover your required product at competitive price. We own immense variety of quality heat recovery products including fin press machine, solid, and serrated fin tubes etc.
Our high frequency serrated fin tube is one of a tubular kind of efficient heat transfer element that contain serrated fins.
This serrated fins which we provide, can be practically used for any heat transfer application, and is tend to made for high pressure, and high temperature applications with high fin-side temperatures. As a rule, the serrated blade arrangement is said to move heat more proficiently than strong balance since the serrated balance fragments permit some sidelong (cross-balance) stream of liquid along the cylinder pivot, which serves to expand disturbance, accordingly separating the warm limit layer and expanding warmth move productivity.

Why Use Serrated Fin Tubes?

If you’re wondering how our manufactured serrated fin could tube or machines be beneficial for you, and for your business, then have a look at the following benefits below;
1. The running expense is brought due down to an abatement in the water side weight drop
2. The blade tube firmness is expanded, which improves the seismic obstruction of the cylinder
3. The warmth trade region is expanded in the successful space to improve the warmth move impact
4. Reduce gear costs and improve hardware security
5. Reduce the consumed space of the warmth move surface to diminish its volume, particularly appropriate for brisk introduce boilers
For more product details, contact us today, and get the chance to service of top serrated fin manufacturers at wholesale price in China.

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